Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Feng Shui Consultation

Today I am having a Feng Shui consultation done on my house. I am quite excited about having it done. I have been interested in Feng Shui for some time. Even as a child I would love to hear stories about things that were unusual - not the scary, just the unusual and the unexplained (well unexplained from our point of view).

I guess long before I knew it, I believed there were things that we need to understand that were not necessarily explained by what may have been considered that at time, to be conventional thinking. Maybe its to do my our culture and beliefs, where I get my interest in these from from I mean.

I can't remember now when or where I first became interested in Feng Shui, but anything unorthodox has held my interest. Having found Christianity in my early teenage years meant that I had some difficulty in matching some of the Christian teaching with what I felt instinctively and with my already stated interested in the unusual.

Needless to say that my instinctive findings or should I say my intuition, has always proved to be right every time. Even when more orthodox Christian support has failed me. So mine has been a very interesting personal philosophy.

The older I get the more people I meet who seem to have similar experiences and thinking to my own. It's good to know that I am not alone. I think I should have been born in the East - maybe not. Well, back to the expected Feng Shui consultation then.

I have always thought it would be far too expensive for me to have a Feng Shui consultation done. And then there have been my concern that I might be asked to change things that can not be changed, if this is what the results of the consultation might tell me. Thirdly like all such things, who does one trust? Could you trust the consultant? You could end up with some mad person telling you a whole heap of nonsense. You know the sort of questions and thought that fly through your mind. So I have some hesitance to actually doing it although I really want to.

So how have I managed to finally be persuade to go ahead with this one?

Well about a year ago a friend of my shared with me that she was going to be having a consultation done on her home. Some how she had met a guy who is a Feng Shui Consultant and who also runs a school training people in Feng Shui. Once or twice a year, when the students have completed the theoretical side of their studies, he looks to find people who are prepared to allow his students into their homes to complete a consultation. This way students have a opportunity to apply the theory they have learnt to a real and practical situation, under tutor supervision.

The students are supported my two tutors and what they do in the home and their results are vetted by the tutors, before they are allowed to delivery their results to the home owner. The consultation is free for the home owner. So everyone wins.

I remember saying to her at the time she told me about it that this was a great opportunity and that if this guy were ever to be looking for someone else in the future, could she please recommend me and she said she would. Well a year passed by and true to her word I received an email from her saying that Robert Gray was again looking for volunteer home owns and if I was still interested, I could contact him. So I did.

I was quite exciting to think that finally I would be getting a Feng Shui consultation for free, but then all of a sudden I realised that it was not just me that had to give the go-ahead. I also had to persuade my husband.

Well after some discussion about what would be happening, he agreed. So I set a date. Before the session we had to provide a floor plan of the house, complete with location of furniture,etc. My husband is much better at this sort of detail than I am, so this has been his contribution. Says he would prefer not to be at home, so he is going off to a Porsche event somewhere. And that weekend all of our girls are ways, so it will just be me around with I think about 8 students and too tutors..

The final bit of preparation was the completion of a questionnaire. This asked a few questions about what the main areas were that we wanted the consultation to focus on. At first thought my husband thought that this was looking for more personal information, but this was not the case. It was just a matter of where you are happiest at this point in time, in relation to the 9 categories of life, according to Feng Shui philology and where you were less so. Then choosing 3 priority areas. So not very difficult really, but the start of the process and the list of questions with regard to what was really being asked was the issue for us. This all sorted meant that we were both happy to continue.

I can't wait to see what the results will provide and what suggestions might be made. Will keep you posted, but the process and preparation from our part has been quite interesting. Isn't life fun.

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