Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dovedale - A place to relax

One of my favourite places must be the Derbyshire Peak District. There are so many beautiful places in this area, that many of them could be easily missed. A regular spot for us is the well known Dovedale area.

When my husband and I want to get away from the rat race that can sometimes be life in general, we pack up the girls and the dog and head for the hills. For us is just a little over an hours drive, but it is well worth it.

We have a few other places across the Country that we visit to help us to relax and take stock of our lives, but this probably one of the closest and one of our favourites. I would probably visit this location a couple times a week in the summer if I could. Mind you, I am sure it is just as picturesque in the winter.

Whilst on our many visits here we have probably taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures, as the same spots can look completely different at another time of day or during another season.

You can find any number of tracks and trails to wonder off, in any direction. Most people stick to beaten track, but if you are interested in more energetic walks or climbs, there is definitely something for you. I'd say this is a place where you can find something for everyone. Yesterday we spotted a number of people rock climbing.

One of every ones favourite spots would have to be the stepping stones. It is a favourite for adults and children alike. The dog is partial to it as well and does not mind bounding across it when she gets a chance.

It great to try to cross the stones during the different times of year. Sometimes when there has been little rain, the stepping stones can be no challenge at all. However when the river is in full flow the level of challenge can increase to making it impossible to cross or even to being able to see the stones at all and where only the very brave, the fool hardy or anyone not worried about getting wet and cold, would be likely to try. The water depth at this point is not terribly deep, but the water strength can be strong.

Saying all of that, we have been across the stepping stones ourselves when they could barely be seen, but we did manage to get our walking boots wet. Fun never-the-less.

Lots to discover. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll not be disappointed.

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